Robot Quest - Arena


Robot Quest is a 2-4 player deckbuilding board game of robot battles Your battery cards will give you the energy to move, power your weapons, and buy powerful new cards for your deck. Navigate around the hazards of the arena and blast your opponents to score points. Destroyed bots respawn each round, so youre never out of the action Alliances are made and broken The robot pilot with the most points at the end of the game wins During the game, players will need to carefully select the right cards to add to their deck in an effort to lay traps for the other players, navigate the spaces on the board, and purchase the batteries theyll need to power their weapons. Each player is given a limited amount of life points and when they cant take any more hits, theyre forced off the boardbut not for long Each player respawns at a starting base at the start of each round, so players will always be coming back for more

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