Truth or Drink - Partygame


A simple modular drinking card game by, spun-off from their web-series Truth or Drink. Every turn, a judge draws a question card and selects two people to either answer or drink. The game comes with four decks of progressively raunchier cards and a 'twist' deck, which can be mixed and matched to adjust the tone and interactivity of the game. These decks are: On The Rocks: Chill questions for mixed companywith just enough bite. Extra Dirty: Adult-themed questionsnot safe for work Happy Hour: For when you need help being nice. Last Call: Put your relationship to the ultimate test. With a Twist: Add a strategic gameplay element: redirect, rephrase, or throw a wrench into any question. The game is played to a determined number of points. Players win the round by giving a satisfying answer and being awarded the question card.

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